November 25, 2014 Donald Leslie


Donald Leslie (Don Boner) was raised in Nashville Tennessee and at an early age he became very involved in the music industry. He recorded, wrote, and produced many recording for his own label. He worked with the likes of Billy Wallace, Jimmy King, and Vince Matthews. In the mid-and late 60s he was very active in the civil rights movement in Nashville working with the Southern Student Organizing Committee(SSOC), Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee(SNCC), Southern Conference Educational Fund.

Don moved to Indiana in 1969 where he worked in the Poverty Program and as a Deputy Sheriff, Real Estate sales, and Computer Programmer. He worked in Information Technology for 25 years.

In 2002 he wrote and directed four short films: Ripple , The Bumbling Detective , Welcome To Kentucky , and The Report a film festival winner at the 40th annual world fast Houston international film Festival in 2007. His movie, Losers Lounge , became Don’s first feature film in 2004 and it won best narrative film noir at the fifth annual Bare-Bones International Film Festival. His next feature film was Somewhere In Indiana , that was distributed nationally by Echelon Distributors.

In 2007 he was inducted into The Southern Legends Entertainment & Performing Arts Hall of Fame.